Image of Jerry's Hand

Jerry's Hand


There is no mistaking what this image is when you are wearing it. The stark white background enhances the image that all deadheads know and love. This pendant is a MUST for the deadhead in your life.

Jerry Garcia's hand print rests in between layers of resin giving a unique three dimensional effect. The image actually cast a shadow onto the bowl of the spoon

The generous coat of resin that fills the spoon gives a lustrous look that also protects.

A complimentary lobster clasp 18 inch black cord necklace comes with this piece, free of charge. Or for a few dollars more get a hand braided 20 inch black cotton necklace with a ball and loop closure.

Check out my blog ( I will be attending a bunch of Dead an Phish shows. I'll be on the lot with my necklaces come say hi!

Shipping to Alone With Others
United States $2.85 $1.00
Everywhere else $7.00 $2.00
Canada $7.00 $2.00